(Apologies for quality but I did not have my regular camera with me)

Red leather jacket - Morgan de toi!
Shoes - River Island
Black simple tee (zipper on the back) - New Look
Black jeans - Zara

Hello my fellow fashionistas! I know I said that I wouldn't be blogging much before exams, but turns out I get anxiety if I don't blog my outfits... On the other hand I am fairly positive that I'm not alone with my problem, am I right ladies? 
Someone should seriously create it its own medical term. On that note I'm off to bed, as I have long library day in front of me.  



P.s. Stay tuned! Today I had an awesome photoshoot with my favorite ladies, which you'll hopefully see here soon!

Cotton Candy and Hair Talk

Shoes & Dress - New Look
Rings - Acessorize

Me and my regular sidekick and co-photographer Griggy decided to fuck it all (including our diet clearly) and went to get a huge cotton candy cone during our lunch break. It was so nice and summery (if summery is not a word I apologize). Lots of people hustling around going about their business in the sun, happy sounds from the amusement park in Vrijthof square, and flowers. Like, everywhere. Not exactly the ideal setting to spend the days in the library.
I was so happy with my hair though. It is so easy to do, only takes twisting the hair and a few hair pins. I will attempt to explain it here but I might do a tutorial video later.

First, you take two sections of hair from one side of the very front of your face, and twist the lower section of hair over the upper one. You keep on twisting, but each time you lift whichever lower section over the higher one, you take additional hair into the lower section. (For those who know how to french braid this is very similar. When the length of the twisted section is so long it passes my ears, I stop taking in new hair and just keep on twisting until it reaches the back of my head. I do this to both sides and then attach them together behind my head into a little ponytail with a clear plastic hair tie. (Top left picture)
Now, if you want to leave your hair open it looks pretty awesome this way too. However, if you do decide to proceed forward, the main idea is to twist the remaining hair into a bun and basically there is no wrong way to do this. Here is how I did it: I twisted the remaining hair and pulled it up over my twisted pony and then pulled it back down through the loop created by the united sections of hair. Then, as shown in the second picture (top right), I attached the end of the twist to where my united sections were. This created a fun little twisted, droopy loop. I grabbed the bottom of the loop and kind of folded it into two adding hair pins were needed, until it looked nice.

I hoped the explanation made sense, if not, I can always try and film it.
Enjoy the sunny days.


London pt. 2

Boots - Spy Love Buy
Dress & Leather Jacket - Zara

Here's the final set of pictures from London! I was rather pleased with my outfit of the day. A bit more attitude than usual combined with a fresh face. In my face and hair I used this secret beauty product called laziness. It did work pretty well though.
 I finally found a solution to my dilemma of how to keep the boots from riding down when I walk: fashion tape!! It seriously is a life saver, not only with boots but also bras and dresses. I got mine from Primark. 
I miss London already. I had so much fun and I loved seeing my family. I still have a long and hard way to go until exams and summer. I will probably sit in the library all day, so sadly you can expect a little less posting from me. Although, I am currently wearing a killer outfit that I'll try to shoot today and perhaps blog later during this week.

Congrats to those of you who are already done with exams and to those who are still studying, I can only say stay strong! <3 p="">


London pt. 1

Fur coat - Zara
Dress pants - Bik Bok
Shoes - Stan Smith for adidas

London is a magical city. It is interesting how to me it bears more resemblance to cities on the East Coast of the U.S. than the other cities in Europe, such as Stuttgart or Amsterdam. On the other hand, I have yet to visit Berlin or Paris before my comparison is full. Still, the city has this irresistible pulse. I liked my outfit because it worked on the posher streets of Kensington with my dress pants and fur, but when in Soho, my Stans kept my look down to fresh and casual. I appreciate adaptability in a look, because I hate feeling out of place.


Back in Cardiff

Sweater - Gina Tricot
Black dress underneath - H&M
Necklace - Bik Bok
Shoes - Stan Smiths by Adidas
Denim coat - Pull & Bear

Greetings from the UK! I've returned to Cardiff for a few days. I have to say I'm glad to be back! I missed the city and its people. This is the first stop on my trip. After Cardiff I'll be heading to London. On one of the days in Cardiff, we went to Cardiff Bay and I flashed all the people my bum accidentally (because I was trying to climb on the rail to take a winning tourist picture) and rode in a carousel. Great achievements both in my opinion. Also, if you're looking for a restaurant, do check out Wahaca. I'm so mad I didn't get any pictures but the food and the place were awesome. I'd give 10 stars if I could. 
This day's outfit was all about layers. The dress is actually a cocktail dress but since I don't have enough cocktail parties it's easy to convert it to casual wear by adding a sweater over it. Also, the bipolar spring weather calls for layering and this look is perfect for it!

See you soon, London!


Kingsday in Amsterdam

Last Wednesday I experienced my first King's (formerly Queen's) day ever. It was so much fun. We took a train early to Amsterdam and spent some time in the park and on the streets. Later, we headed to the King's day festival, where we saw Kygo, Jack Ü, Yellow Claw, Robin Schultz and others. The weather, people, and music were all just perfect. Also, I don't think I've ever seen so much orange at once. I personally find orange so unflattering on me, so finding something to wear was pretty hard. That being said I was very glad with my aviators with orange tinted lenses that I found from H&M.