Skirt - Zara
Bag - Ralph Lauren
Shoes -Stan Smith
Dress - Mango
Shoes - Stan Smith

In my opinion cities can be divided by their preferable season. For example New York is an early autumn city whereas Paris is a spring city all the way. With that in mind I'd say that Berlin is a summer city. Especially during the summer Berlin knows no boundaries between nature and the cityscape. The green effortlessly blends into the industrial cement and glass and old stone buildings and graffiti of downtown. It's almost like Berlin knows no rules, or no one cares. The atmosphere feels free. Parks are full and dads are pushing strolls on their morning walk with an opened beer in their hand. Live music spills on to the streets from nearby pubs. The woman sitting opposite of me in the U-Bahn has tree branches peeking out of her handbag. She is probably an artist, I think to myself. No one else seems to wonder; this is normal in Berlin.  

Favorite parts of town so far:


Favorite places to eat so far:

Distrikt Coffee (Mitte) - Amazing breakfast - try the butter pancakes
Anna Blume (Prenzlauer Berg) - 

Breakfast, the place is named after a poem, say no more right?
Monsieur Vuong (Mitte) - Amazing Vietnamese

Hopefully I will be back!



White T-shirt + Denim Skirt - Zara
Perpex patent heel ankle boots - Public Desire (also on Missguided)

The in-between season


Dress - Mango
Backpack - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - ASOS

Exams are over and the spring is (more or less) here! These pictures are from a sunny day a few weeks back. I'm so excited for the warmer winds but at the same time I am experiencing wardrobe troubles, as I have nothing to wear for this so called in-between season (admittedly a hyperbole to the max but still). It's not cold enough for me to wear a jacket but it's also not warm enough to wear a top alone. It makes me want to pull my hair and run screaming to the nearest clothing store every single morning. The thing is, for some this may not be a problem, but for those who are like me and are trying to aggressively save up for the summer's travels and other shenanigans, this becomes a problem. That being said, this semi-maxi dress with long sleeves is probably the best thing to wear for this weather. Also, it's comfy AF and works with any type of shoes you could think of. So basically if you see me wearing this dress everyday then there you go, now you know why. It's because I'm smart.


Waiting to be done (OOTD)


Sweater - Sfera
Trench & loafers - Zara
Hat - H&M

 2 out of 3 exams behind. I wanna bury myself under covers and never get up again. Resilience, my friends, resilience.