Finland: Homebase

Skirt - Jubylee by Féminine
Top - Cream
Coat - Zara
Shoes - Bershka
Case - Glitter

Spain: Beach, Please

Dress - Cortefiel
Glasses - H&M
This will be my last post on Spain! This dress/shirt stripey thing is a dream. I was walking by a random store (which turned out to be Cortefiel), did the mistake of glancing in and ended up coming back with this beauty. Not that I regret it as it is so comfy and perfect to throw on top of a bikini. I did get a tiny bit hot though due to the long sleeves but I think it will be perfect for the Finnish 25 degree-summer and the Fall season in the Netherlands. 
Now my sight is already set on my trip to Greece. As I've told everyone, I have this project called a 10-day fitness miracle. Now, yes, everybody knows that you cannot lose weight in a bit over a week but that doesn't mean I won't goddamn try. I have forbid myself on doing any kind of pre-trip shopping (my weakness) but I'm already slipping. If anyone actually bothers reading this, please come over and freeze all my cards. Or knock me unconscious. Because otherwise I will find a way. I am the Liam Neeson of the shopping universe. 


Spain: Villa Amerador, amor

Skirt - Selected
Top - New Look
Shoes - Zara

I was and still am in love with the house we rented. It used to be a restaurant and a pool bar, but now has been renovated to a villa. I wanted to post an outfit I wore when we went to the bars of Alicante one night, as I liked it a lot. It didn't photograph as well as I hoped but the beige/cream color of my top matched exactly the color of the front of my heels. I also wanted to throw in some pictures I got during that day, which just perfectly depict the beauty of the place. I'm going to stop gushing now. I'm back in Finland and I have just finished a season of Lie to Me on Netflix. Oh boy how I love summer. Tomorrow I have to work though but it's not enough to burst my summer bubble of holiday happiness.


Spain: Canvas Shorts and Karting

Wearing: Everything Brandy Melville, except for sunglasses, which are vintage

Greetings from Spain! We rented a house in El Campello for 10 days with our family and friends and it was exactly what I needed after the stressful year in University. On one of the days we went to a Karting track in Benedorm, and it was so much fun. The cars we drove went up to 80km in speed and I had to employ all of it because we were racing. It was only our crew on the track so we could have a full on race with the time laps to determine the placings in the start of the race and everything. I absolutely loved it but afterwards we were all soaked in sweat and covered by bruises because when you tried to get a tight turn in one of the curves you were always thrown a bit to the side of the car. I full heartedly recommend karting as an activity if you are looking for something fun to do as a group with family or friends or both.
As to what I was wearing, it was so hot that my motto became 'less is more'. I have so many of these patterned shorts that are made of light textile/material. They are so easy and comfortable to throw on that they have become my summer go-to. Brandy Melville is definitely specialized in them because they have dozens of different ones. I think the brand is the epitome of comfortable and easy summer-wear, which is why I like to wear it so much during the summer. 


The Season of festivals, airports, and Netflix

Head piece - ASOS
Pants - Gina Tricot
Jacket - Real Suede Leather from Zara
Top - Hippie market in Ibiza

I am finally free! I feel like I have just sprinted the last kilometers of a marathon. Now that the university is done for this year, I have a new project: Moving into a new apartment. I'm going to have to fit a lot of packing and cleaning into these few days, but I'm not complaining. Moving is fun! I can't wait to get to decorating and the interior design. I have surfed the Zara home section way more than my wallet would like...
I dressed a bit more festive yesterday to celebrate the beginning of my summer. Summer is basically the season of festivals, airports, and Netflix. And food. Lot's of it. As you might notice, my head jewelry finally arrived from ASOS. It's sooo nice I cannot wait to wear it to festivals! I think it went pretty nicely with the jacket, creating this bohemian urban feel. It's a bit flashy though so I'm going to try to find another one for those every-day occasions... Ok, who am I kidding, I would TOTALLY rock this bedazzling thing in the grocery store. 
I've noticed that wide cut pants will totally be in for this summer, so we all better go stock up on some. Good for us also, because they basically represent my favorite combo: comfort and style. Amen.


Affordable Fashion

Shoes - New Look
Jeans - Gina Tricot

I should not be blogging, I should be studying. I'm so overwhelmed with the amount of work I have  that it's hard to stop worrying and start doing... But let's forget about work and let's talk some fashion.
I'm in love with the white long blazer. It's actually not mine as I stole it from Grigoria. I can't believe she found it from Primark. That's one thing I love: Affordable fashion. As a poor student it's so easy to agitate yourself into this deep and dark pit of fepression (fashion depression) by looking at famous bloggers, with the means to buy Zara's whole new collection, topping it off with Manolos and Céline sunglasses. It's hard. However, what we need to remember is that affordable fashion is a thing and dressing in accordance to what pleases your eye instead of what name you are wearing teaches you more about your style than any magazine could. Yves Saint Laurent once said that fashions fade but style is eternal. You have to work harder to get creative and to come up with outfits when you have only so many clothes in your closet. You have to find ways to wear the same piece differently if you don't like repeating outfits. Most importantly you learn to scout for those golden finds, like for example this white blazer Grigoria got from Primark. Next time I find myself feeble from fepression, I'll remember that the only true currency, which fashion requires is the currency of creativity and some goddamn effort. 

Lots of Love,


When people ask me about my blog, I always tell them that this is 'the project'; my one child, project that feels like it's never complete or perfect. It's born from sweat, tears, sleepless nights editing after school work, and countless fashion disasters. However, not enough praises are heard over those who I drag along with me through this project, on my quests to find the 'perfect spot' for photos. Those, who wait patiently while I'm adjusting the exposure, or try to figure out the perfect angle. These people do it out of the sole goodness of their hearts and contribute to my blog immensely. 
This post series is a tribute to my friends, siblings, parents, relatives, and heck, even some strangers. This is a heart-felt thank you to the people behind the lens.


This Greek native is my go-to woman. She's behind most of my posts here in Maastricht, and is the secret to how I'm able to keep my blog so active whilst studying. We have these quick photoshoots, where I bring my camera to wherever we study, and we quickly go and shoot an outfit over the lunch break. Quite frankly, every fashion bloggers should have their own Grigoria. 
Grigoria studies International Business and is currently a first year in Maastricht University. I sat her down and fired some questions at her.

 What is the one key piece in your closet, you could not live without?
   My gold and black satin jacket from Zara with embroidery. It's double faced so it's like having two  jackets in one.

Who is your fashion muse?
My two 'muses' would be Taylor Tomasi Hill and Leandra Medine.

3. Heels or flats?


 A skirt or pants?

A skirt.

 Describe our relationship with one word.

Hmm I would say Mother-daughter... Haha, does that count as one?

No, that's not even a word.

Pshh, it counts as one just write that there.

If you could live in the world of a TV-series, which one would it be?

Gossip girl!


I will keep posting behind the lens series every now and then.

Thanks for reading!


Cotton Candy and Hair Talk

Shoes & Dress - New Look
Rings - Acessorize

Me and my regular sidekick and co-photographer Griggy decided to fuck it all (including our diet clearly) and went to get a huge cotton candy cone during our lunch break. It was so nice and summery (if summery is not a word I apologize). Lots of people hustling around going about their business in the sun, happy sounds from the amusement park in Vrijthof square, and flowers. Like, everywhere. Not exactly the ideal setting to spend the days in the library.
I was so happy with my hair though. It is so easy to do, only takes twisting the hair and a few hair pins. I will attempt to explain it here but I might do a tutorial video later.

First, you take two sections of hair from one side of the very front of your face, and twist the lower section of hair over the upper one. You keep on twisting, but each time you lift whichever lower section over the higher one, you take additional hair into the lower section. (For those who know how to french braid this is very similar. When the length of the twisted section is so long it passes my ears, I stop taking in new hair and just keep on twisting until it reaches the back of my head. I do this to both sides and then attach them together behind my head into a little ponytail with a clear plastic hair tie. (Top left picture)
Now, if you want to leave your hair open it looks pretty awesome this way too. However, if you do decide to proceed forward, the main idea is to twist the remaining hair into a bun and basically there is no wrong way to do this. Here is how I did it: I twisted the remaining hair and pulled it up over my twisted pony and then pulled it back down through the loop created by the united sections of hair. Then, as shown in the second picture (top right), I attached the end of the twist to where my united sections were. This created a fun little twisted, droopy loop. I grabbed the bottom of the loop and kind of folded it into two adding hair pins were needed, until it looked nice.

I hoped the explanation made sense, if not, I can always try and film it.
Enjoy the sunny days.